A wonderful group of people have entrusted me with their businesses and brands.  This includes:

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The Fringe Salon

Brand Strategy, Marketing Plan, Website & Marketing Support

Work and Play

Website Content Strategy & Marketing Support

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Maplewood Recreation and Cultural Affairs

Marketing Support

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Latch on to Me

Squarespace Website

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Oneida Indian Nation

Website Strategy

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Springfield Avenue Partnership

Brand Strategy & Marketing Plan

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Morrow Memorial Preschool

Website Strategy & Content Strategy

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Avalon Wellness Center

Squarespace Website (in development)


Maplewood Office of Cultural Affairs

Digital Marketing Support

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Brett Cortell  |  Good Better Best

Squarespace Website

Kristine Foley Photography

Marketing Outline, Social Media Calendar

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Ires Wilbanks  |  The Yoga Doula

Weebly Website, Marketing Materials

Robert Mattaliano  |  Development Communications + Writing

Squarespace Website

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Character U

DIY Marketing Support

Rhizome Design Concepts

Brand Strategy, Marketing Outline & Squarespace Website (in development)

Waterworks Laundromat

Squarespace Website


South Orange-Maplewood Adult School

Faculty for DIY Marketing Workshops

Stephen Gould NYC

Digital Marketing Consulting


Website Strategy & Marketing Outline (in development)


Java's Compost

DIY Website Coaching & Support