If at first you (and your business card) don’t succeed, try, try again.

About one year ago, I began the process of building my own brand.  My background, you might think, would make this easy.  In some ways, yes, but it also means that I knew all too well how important it was to get my brand in place before I could put myself out there.  So, I followed my own best practices -clarified my service offerings, developed my brand story and prepared select marketing materials.  For me, this included a website, a flyer and my business card… and that’s where I become, let’s say, “preoccupied” …my business card. I did three different runs before I was happy.  And, I’m glad I did it.

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Marketing step #1: Establish your brand experience

Start-ups and small businesses are time-intensive.  That’s no surprise.  You juggle every role in the business.  And today… you’re the CMO (chief marketing officer).  You go online and see others with thousands of fans on Facebook, down the street you’re handed flyers and even ads in Matters Magazine are taunting you.  Take a deep breath and log out of Vistaprint. 

You’ll get there.  But before you start driving people to your business, make sure you know what they’ll see. So, where to start?

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