Brand Marketing Materials

Ready to get your message out?  Let’s talk.  I focus on brand marketing, such as awareness campaigns, brochures, stationery and websites, but also partner with wonderfully talented Public Relations and Graphic Design professionals to ensure that the right communications solution is always available.  What’s this “brand” business?  Well…

Brand Assessment & Brand Positioning

Everyone defines “brand” differently.  For me, it’s the overall experience and vibe of a business.  The functional pieces include: name/logo, language tone, visual design, core message and the experience (both storefront and online).  Done right, it hooks new customers and secures repeat business.  When broken, it can be hard to get potential customers to give you a second look.  

I can help you identify and maximize your brand opportunity through brand assessment, brand positioning, building audience profiles and articulating key messages.

Self-sustaining Marketing Plans

I love ideas.  Truly.  But, a marketing plan only works if it can be executed.  I work with you to first understand true capacity, budgets and objectives.  Within these parameters, I can then develop a tailored self-sustaining plan, deliberately built to engage your audience and be executed by your current staff.

  • brand campaigns

  • promotion strategy & templates

  • social media strategy & editorial calendars